Our Curriculum

The children explore holidays, mitzvot, and Jewish values through a hands-on, multi-sensory curriculum. We also provide an exciting curriculum to master the Hebrew alphabet and reading.

We go to great lengths to create a warm and exciting atmosphere in the classroom, incorporating art, movement, songs, and games in all of our lesson plans.

Our Goal

We strive to inspire our students to "love being Jewish" and celebrate their heritage with enthusiasm.  

Our Staff

Our director, Shayndel Zaklos, earned her degree in Judaic Studies and Education.  

Shayndel taught at various Jewish elementary and high schools in Brooklyn, NY, and in New England Hebrew Academy in Brookline, MA. She has also worked in the Jewish Children's Museum in Brooklyn, NY.  

Shayndel has directed the Jewish Gems after school program in Boston for the past seven years, creating her own unique curriculum.

Our Commitment 

"We will share the passion and joy for Judaism with your children!"