Rabbi Yosef Zaklos 

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Rabbi Zaklos attended the Rabbinical College of Canada in Montreal. After graduation, he attended an intensive study program in Israel and completed his Yeshiva education at the Central Chabad Yeshiva in Brooklyn, where he was ordained as Rabbi.

Rabbi Zaklos has actively been involved in adult learning, authoring courses for the largest Jewish institute of adult study programs, the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI). This includes the ever popular course entitled, “Torah and Environmentalism.” He also penned articles for Chabad.org, Chabad’s official website.

Rabbi Zaklos has an international repertoire of Jewish outreach, having visited over fifteen countries on five continents to teach and guide families in remote Jewish enclaves. His visits included directing the world's third largest Passover Seder Romania, leading High Holiday services in Nigeria, and a Chanukah humanitarian mission for the Jews of Cuba. He also played a pivotal role in Chabad’s tsunami relief efforts in Phuket Thailand.

Since 2011, Rabbi Zaklos serves as the director of Chabad of Downtown Boston serving the community, and providing for the educational, religious, social and humanitarian needs.

He shares his passion for Torah learning, imparting the joy of Judaism with all.  

Mrs. Shayndel Zaklos 

Shayndel Zaklos was raised in Boston, where she was imbued with a sense of mission to share her love of Judaism. Her parents, Rabbi Chaim and Nechama Prus, were sent as emissaries by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to establish the first Chabad center of Greater Boston in the mid 70’s.

Shayndel spent time learning advanced Jewish studies in Jerusalem, and graduated with a degree in Judaic studies and education. She taught Judaic studies to middle school and high school students in New York and Brookline, MA. Shayndel also lead groups of all backgrounds on tours of the renown Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn, NY. In recent years, she has created and directed her own popular, hands-on curriculum for the Jewish Gems After School Program in Boston.

Shayndel is on the board of directors of the new, state-of-the- art Mikvah Miriam, at Beth Menachem Chabad, in Newton, MA.

Shayndel directs Chabad activities in Boston. She is the director of the Jewish Gems After School Program, where she developed a unique curriculum. 

Currently, Rabbi and Shaydnel Zaklos reside in Downtown Boston with their children.