The Sukkah Mobile


The Sukkah is a temporary hut for outdoor dwelling, consisting of three or four walls constructed for use under the stars. It's roof is topped with natural tree branches and vegetation, known as Sechach. 


The Sukkah Mobile is all that, on the move.


A Sukkah does not need to be stationed on the ground. As long as the Sukkah is a strong structure, covered with vegetation and beneath the open skies, the Sukkah is generally Kosher. (There are a number of  guidelines and requirements that must be followed in its construction, and regarding the location where it is erected, in order for a sukkah to be deemed “kosher”—fit for use)


Adventurous Sukkah inventors have come up with many different innovative Sukkah creations, like ones fitted for camels and elephants, portable pop up Sukkah's, Pedi Sukkah’s and an 18 wheeler Sukkah mobile.  





Sukkah Mobile

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