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Read the Ten Commandments

When the Ten Commandments were communicated on the very first Shavuot in history, all Jewish souls were present.


The Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn, OBM—encouraged every living Jew, from newborns to nonagenarians and beyond, to be present during services on the first morning of Shavuot, when we relive the experience by reading the record of the event from the Torah scroll.

This year synagogues are closed and most of us are unable to attend a Torah reading.

You are certainly encouraged to read the Ten Commandments aloud in Hebrew or English while everyone stands by respectfully.


Click here for the printable version

Yizkor Memorial Service at Home

The second day of Shavuot is one of four annual times the Yizkor memorial prayer for our dear departed ones is recited in the synagogue. This Shavuot, as on Passover, we will recite Yizkor privately at home, secure in the fact that this is what G‑d wants from us right now, taking comfort in knowing that our loved ones would surely want us to stay safe.

Click Here for the full Yizkor text.

If you would like us to have your loved one in mind during our Yizkor prayer, please respond before Thu. May 28th by click here and provide the Jewish name of your loved one along with their mother's Jewish name 

Over 100 Shavuot Holiday Recipes!

The Shavuot recipe collection includes over 100 simple and delectable recipes for both dairy and meat meals — and of course as many varieties of cheesecake as one can possibly try!


Click Here

Children's Shavuot Activities 

The Medrash tell us, that G-d asked for guarantors before he gave the Jews the Torah. 

Only when the Jews proclaimed "Our children are our guarantors!" was G-d ready to give them the Torah.

It's vital that the guarantors are fully engaged in Shavuot. Click Here for printable Shavuot children's material includes fun games stories and a delicious treat children can make on their own!

Pull an All Nighter? Here the study Material 

It is customary to remain awake for the entire first night of Shavuot, studying a text known as Tikkun Leil Shavuot. Those unable to read this text traditionally learn other Torah subjects or attend classes.

This year, with most synagogues closed, many of us will be alone on Shavuot night.

To aid you in your study, we have collected essays and learning materials—in a wide array of interests and styles—for you to print (before the holiday) and then study and enjoy over Shavuot.

Click Here for printable Shavuot study material

Complete Shavuot Holiday Guide

Shavuot is just around the corner!  If G‑d put us in the situation where we must celebrate Shavuot alone, then we most certainly can!

 Here are our tips for a Shavuot that is both delightful to the soul and pleasant for the person.

Click Here for Shavuot holiday guide.

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