Jewish Holidays:  Children will explore the holidays, their unique traditions, foods and meanings, in an interactive, fun and exciting manner,  through crafts, show & tell, and games.
Israel:  Our students will attain an appreciation and affection for our homeland Israel, and its central place in Jewish history, life, and destiny. 

Jewish History:   Lessons will present fascinating historical facts and stories so your child will discover our heritage and learn how to apply those lessons to modern life.

Mitzvot and Jewish Values:  Our classes include the timeless Jewish Mitzvot and values that have enriched the world and have made our people unique.​ 


Special activities our students enjoy in Hebrew School: Challah baking, Sukkot party, Shofar Factory, Passover Matzah-bakery & Holiday crafts.


Our students will learn to read & write Hebrew a innovative, cutting edge reading system "the Aleph Champion." 

Based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of color coded levels and testing, the Aleph Champion Program provides motivation and inspiration for Chabad Hebrew School students around the world.


Hebrew School in the CITY offers a stimulating, friendly, and fun environment, where Jewish children explore holidays and Jewish values through a hands-on, multi-sensory curriculum.

Our after school program in convinietnly is designed for preschool and elementary school-age children who are otherwise not receiving a formal Jewish education.


Instilling Jewish pride, knowlage of our history, and a genuine and meaningful understanding of Judaism. Shaping our communities in years to come.

Space is limited. Register today for the 2015/2016 school year. 

Call Shayndel @ 617-297-7282 - or email

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